8th European Conference on Applications of Polar Dielectrics

Metz (France)   5 - 8 September 2006

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The conference will provide a forum for discussion of all aspects related to polar dielectric materials, covering the whole spectrum from basic research to technology. The following topics will be covered:

Material Research
Single crystals, thin films, ceramics, polymers, composites and liquid crystals, multifunctional materials, multiferroics, processing and fabrication technologies

Application oriented studies of physical properties of dielectrics
Ferro-, piezo- and pyro-electric properties, optical properties, electro-optical and nonlinear optical effects, photorefractivity and photoconductivity, THz generation and spectroscopy, ultrasonics, high-Tc superconductivity, ionic conductivity, microstructure related properties, domain engineering

Device research
Piezoelectric transducers, smart sensors and actuators, pyroelectric detectors, electro-optic modulators, spatial light modulators and displays, 2D and 3D optical storage devices, optical signal processors, optical frequency converters, THz technology, integrated optical devices, nonlinear photonic bandgaps, periodically poled ferroelectric devices, ferroelectric memories, microelectromechanical systems, medical applications

Important deadlines

- Abtract Submission
  April 20, 2006  (New !!)

- Registration
  June 15, 2006

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